RVTD buses serve much of Jackson County, providing public transportation to the communities of Medford, Central Point, White City, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Talent, and Ashland.  We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service, if you ever have a question about our bus service please reach out to one of our experience bus operators or employees.
  1. Try to arrive at the bus stop early. Wait on the sidewalk, or bus shelter where the operator can see you and out of traffic.
  2. Be ready to board with exact change or a valid ticket, transfer receipt or pass.
  3. As the bus approaches, check the sign above the front window to make sure it's the line and destination you want. Signal the operator that you wish to board.
  4. Stay back from the curb and wait until the bus comes to a complete stop. If you need to use a boarding ramp or lift, just ask the operator.
  5. Board and pay your fare. If you're standing, move toward the back so others can board.
  6. Along the route, we'll announce the next major stops and intersections.  If you're not familiar with the area, you can ask the operator to announce your destination.
  7. When you want to get off, pull the bell cord to request the next stop.
  8. Gather all your personal items and leave through the rear exit door.

For your safety

  • Never cross the street in front of a bus unless it is stopped at a red light.
  • Keep your kids close to make sure you do not get separated.
  • If you see suspicious behavior or a suspicious package, or if there is an emergency or unsafe situation on board, tell an RVTD employee or call 9-1-1.

RVTD Bus Riding Rules

  • Stand behind safety line. Do not stand in door wells.
  • No eating. All food must be in sealed containers.
  • No smoking or chewing tobacco on bus.
  • No spitting.
  • Beverages allowed in approved containers only.
  • Use earphones with audio players--others should not be able to hear your music.
  • All animals must ride in closed carriers, except service animals.
  • Carts, carriages, and strollers must be folded prior to boarding and remain folded until after de-boarding.
  • No firearms or other weapons permitted on bus.
  • No flammable or explosive materials or substances on bus.
  • Please refrain from unnecessary talking to the driver while the bus is in motion.
  • Exit by rear door when possible.
  • Front seats reserved for elderly and disabled passengers.
  • No extending of body parts out windows.
  • Keep children under control.
  • Shoes and shirts must be worn.
  • Do not put your feet on the seats.
  • Use of obscene language or gestures is not permitted.
  • Fighting or fighting words are not permitted.
  • Vandalism is a crime. Violators will be prosecuted.
  • If your actions create a safety hazard, are offensive, or become a distraction to the driver, you are subject to removal, citation, or arrest.

* This information is part of Ordinance No. 8 governing use of District facilities. All parties wishing to use District facilities must abide by the rules set out in Ordinance No. 8 in its entirety.