Real-Time Passenger Information
RVTD buses are occasionally late due to traffic, high passenger volume, or unexpected events.   Waiting for a late bus can be frustrating, especially when you don't know how long you'll be waiting.  RVTD has provided some options for passengers that can help. 

OneBusAway Webapp
OBA Webapp
OneBusAway Webapp 

The OneBusAway Webapp, enables you to get real-time arrival times from your computer.  

Follow the above link and a map of the Rogue Valley should appear in your browser.  Zoom into the map to where your bus stop is located and click on the bus stop icon (icons won't appear until you've zoomed in). 

Once you've clicked on the stop, a box will appear showing information about the bus stop and options for viewing arrival information.  If you're simply looking for how long until the next bus will arrive, click 'Real-time arrival info'.  A new screen will appear showing number of minutes until the next bus is due to arrive.  

​OneBusAway Mobile App
OBA mobile app
OneBusAway Mobile App

The Webapp useful, but OneBusAway is truly designed as a mobile application.  If you have a smartphone and are interested in using it, please visit RVTD's apps page to see instructions on how to install and use the OneBusAway mobile app.