RVTD offers two bus pass programs for employers ,schools,  and organizations. Making it easy to provide transit access to an entire population at a substantial discount.

U-Pass program
With the U-Pass, the monthly price of bus fare is $3.85 per employee for companies that buy the pass for all of their employees. That's 93% less than the cost of a regular monthly bus pass (normally $56), based on the likelihood that not all employees will ride the bus. Schools can participate for just $1.95 per student per month. We ask for a minimum of 10 employees or students for participation in the U-Pass program.

Fare Share program
The Fare Share option lets employers and schools share the cost of transit access with their employees or students, with a major discount for both. For just $0.45 per person per month, a company or school can provide access to greatly reduced transit fare. Like the U-Pass, this monthly fee applies to each person, regardless of whether they use transit. Employees of participating organizations can buy a monthly transit pass for just $10, rather than the normal rate of $56. For students, a monthly pass costs just $5 per month. We ask for a minimum of 100 employees or students for participation in the Fare Share program.

If you would like more information about the bus pass programs we offer, please contact us: 

Edem Gomez